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Family Programs

对于学习方式不同的学生来说,家庭与学院工作人员的交流可能更有必要. 的 Family Programs at Landmark College help direct parents to appropriate College resources, facilitate timely responses, and assist families with questions or concerns. It’s just one of the many ways Landmark differs from traditional colleges.

Got Questions? Here’s how to get in touch

我们知道,当你对Landmark College的学生生活有疑问时,与真人交谈通常会更有帮助. Family members of a current student can contact Family Programs at 802-387-6714 or [email protected]. We are available by telephone or email Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. 到5点.m. ET. We look forward to working with you.

If you’re a family member or guardian of a prospective student, please contact the Admissions Office at 802-387-6718 or [email protected].

Through the Landmark Advisory Resource Council (LARC), 未来和现在的家庭也可以提交问题,由现在和以前的Landmark College家庭通过 Ask a Landmark Family form 下面.


Ask a Landmark Family

Through the Landmark Advisory Resource Council (LARC), 未来和现在的家庭都可以提交问题,由现在和以前的Landmark College家庭回答. Use the form 下面 to send your questions.

What Parents Did Right

Hear what Landmark College students have to say about what their families did right:

FAQ about Student Life

  • You should have your student contact their Resident Dean (RD). You may also contact the RD to give them a “heads up,” 虽然 they will want to work with your student directly. 由于学生们可能从来没有离开过他们的直系亲属环境,而且由于他们将承受巨大的压力来适应大学生活,这种情况并不罕见. 我们非常努力地利用学生提供的信息为学生找到合适的室友. If there is conflict in spite of this, 驻院院长将促进学生之间就问题和关切进行讨论. Only if absolutely necessary will we attempt to reassign rooms.

  • c/o Landmark College

    19 River Road South
    Putney, VT 05346

    For packages use:

    Landmark College
    19 River Road South
    Putney, VT 05346

    When a package arrives, 您的学生将收到一封来自商务办公室(位于行政大楼)的电子邮件。. Students can go there, sign for it, and pick up their package.

    更多关于 学生的邮件

  • 通过学院购买笔记本电脑的学生应将其带到位于图书馆2楼的it部帮助台. 的y can be reached by calling 802-387-6800 or emailing [email protected]. 没有通过学校购买笔记本电脑并且遇到硬件问题的学生需要在校外维修. 的re are numerous computer repair facilities locally. 的 IT Department can help students locate these resources.

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  • Occasionally, students do have permission to live off-campus. 的 vast majority of our students live on-campus, 虽然. 有兴趣住在校外的学生应该联系住宿生活主任,了解这一选择.

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  • If a student is ill, 到斯特劳奇家庭学生中心2楼学生健康中心就诊. If the illness occurs after normal Health Center hours, Brattleboro Primary Care, an internal medicine group, provides medical coverage when Health Services is closed. A physician is on call 24/7. 如果可能的话, 生病的学生应在上课前通知教授他们将缺席.

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  • 下学期返回普特尼校区的学生可以使用有限的存储空间. 在秋季学期和春季学期之间没有换房间的学生可以将他们的物品保留在现有的房间里. Specific written guidelines are available from the Office of Residential Life. 的y can be reached by calling 802-387-6714.

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  • Single rooms are generally not available to first-year students. 的 College has a limited number of single rooms that are assigned on a seniority basis. 建议最终想要单间的学生尽早提交申请(并保持耐心)。. Students should ask their RD for an application.

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  • Generally, no. Except in the case of certain life-threatening situations, the choice of whether or not to go to counseling is entirely up to the student. 家长谁是关心他们的学生或希望咨询顾问关于如何讨论该问题或咨询的选择可以联系咨询服务致电802-387-1636.

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  • 的re is no pharmacy in Putney, Vermont. Prescription medications can be accessed through local pharmacies in neighboring towns, shipped to the student from a home pharmacy, or calling prescriptions in to CVS Pharmacy on West Street in Keene, NH. Landmark College在周二和周四的正常工作时间提供免费的服务来挑选您的学生的处方. All you have to do is fill out a request to prescription pick-up form so the driver knows the prescription is ready. Start planning months ahead if you take prescription medications. See Transition of Medical and Mental Health Care to Landmark College.


    1. Continue working with the prescribing clinician at home
      • Preferred when you have an established, positive relationship with your prescribing clinician.
      • Preferred when insurance benefits limit provider choice and/or out-of-state provider access.
      • 需要提前计划预约,以配合回访或使用远程医疗技术的能力.
      • Requires making arrangements to have prescriptions filled at home pharmacies and then shipped.
      • 开处方的人可以使用酒店药房的服务,将药物送到校园内的学生手中,也可以开处方到当地的其他药房.
      • 拥有医疗补助计划的家庭将很难在家乡以外的州获得医疗或药房服务, 虽然, students may access care in Health Services.
      • 需要了解你的临床医生的可用性,以防你不得不报告担忧或问题-或确保重新处方.
    2. 通过健康和咨询服务中心与Landmark学院的开处方者建立关系,该服务中心的护理费用由学费承担. 卫生服务部门的临床医生能够为那些在治疗方案(包括受控物质)上稳定的学生重新开处方. 咨询精神科医生可在校园内进行评估和持续护理,按服务收费.
      • 如果你不能继续工作与家庭医生处方不在学校时优先考虑.
      • Preferred for students who need face-to-face consultation and assessment.
      • Provides accessible care right on campus.
      • 要求学生与健康与咨询服务中心的临床医生和咨询师建立关系,接受精神药物治疗.
      • Allows Health Services clinician collaboration with home prescribers.
      • 需要在酒店药房或其他当地药房注册才能将药物送到校园. Students are able to use other local pharmacies if they have transportation.
    3. Establish a relationship with a prescribing clinician in the Landmark College area.
      • Preferred when your current prescribing clinician cannot continue with medication management
      • Preferred if you do not want to work with clinicians within Health and Counseling Services
      • 当你无法获得适当的支持机制时,最好在家里开处方.
      • 需要计划和调度以及由学生或当地出租车公司运输.
      • 要求确认处方医生和药房服务都在您的保险范围内, especially if you have a Medicaid insurance plan.

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  • No. 学生保留自己的药物,并负责按照医生的指示服用.

  • 在大部分延长的休息时间里,宿舍是关闭的,这样我们就有时间把东西整理一下,也让我们的员工休息一下. A small number of students can be housed during the Thanksgiving and Spring break only. Students will be provided with application 信息 during the second month of classes. 的 residence halls will remain open during 3- and 4-day weekends.

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  • 的re is service from most national carriers; however, the College is in a somewhat mountainous and rural area. Many people here do well with Verizon, U.S. 细胞,&T和Sprint.

  • 的 closest airport is Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, Connecticut. This is just north of Hartford, Connecticut. 的 美国铁路公司 培训和 灰狗 bus stations are located in Brattleboro, Vermont.

    Landmark College offers shuttle 服务 during the semester and at breaks. 的re is a fee for shuttle service to Bradley International Airport. 收费的, we also offer shuttle 服务 to Penn Station/Moynihan Hall, Logan International Airport, and Springfield, MA 美国铁路公司 station. 由于出发时间和机场选择的不同,我们不能总是满足每个人. Reservations are required. Students may also use a commercial shuttle service.

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