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International Enrollment

Sisters Ines and Mariana Borbon Bours
“Before coming to LC, I didn’t know how to start an essay, but I’ve learned so much vocabulary just from writing with teachers.”
— Ines Borbon Bours

Landmark College Welcomes International Students!

We are the first college in the world for students who learn differently! We are an accredited U.S. college offering both bachelor’s and associate degree programs, as well as a number of short-term (summer) programs. Every one of our students has a learning challenge or learning disability (such as dyslexia), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Students with a learning difference who attend Landmark College have a much higher chance of completing their college degree than the national average.

International students are eligible for merit-based financial aid, and the award criteria is the same as the criteria for U.S. students. Wherever you come from, we would be happy to have you join our community!

Virtual Campus Tour (Spanish Language version)

Launch Experience

Student Ambassador Gabby Woolgar talks about coming to Landmark College from Perth, Australia.

Choose your Path

Benefits at LC


Degree Programs

We offer accredited associate and bachelor’s degrees. Many students who complete an associate degree here stay to complete their bachelor’s Our small class sizes and focus on multisensory learning and skill-building ensure an education grounded in practice and theory and are designed for neurodiverse students from all backgrounds.

Besides our degree offerings, we offer short-term options, including summer programs for high school and college students and a Bridge Experience for college students needing a boost from our proven executive function skills and strategies before returning to their home colleges or transferring to other institutions to earn their degrees.

Student Life

Landmark College is a thriving community that embraces diversity in all its forms. We welcome international students to our campus! Each international student brings their culture and customs to Landmark College, further enriching our community.

We have created a safe and secure physical environment that can be your home away from home while you study in the United States. The residence halls, dining hall, student center, sports and fitness centers, and other areas serve as the places you will live, work, and spend time with friends. Activities and programs both on our campus and throughout our region in Vermont have been developed (some by us, most by students) to get you together with others and do the things you enjoy doing. Whether it is going to a concert, a coffeehouse, a club meeting, a social program, a speaker, an athletic event on campus or hiking or skiing in Vermont’s mountains — you will find something that will spark your interest. If you don't, let us know and we can help start something new!

Student Visa

Should an international student require an F-1 student visa, they will be assisted by our admissions office and team of Designated School Officials. As we have a student to staff ratio of 2:1, you will receive close support and attention. The F-1 visa will require these documents.

As our local students come from all over the U.S. (our third biggest market is California), many students come from a distance. At important dates, such as start and end of the school year, holidays, and breaks, shuttles to the closest international airport in Hartford, Connecticut are available.

Do you work with neurodiverse students abroad, either as a college counselor, psychologist, or educator? We would love to hear from you as we work to build global bridges in our field! Landmark College, besides being the first college to be devoted to students with learning differences, is also the first neurodiversity hub in the U.S. In addition to our original mission of providing accredited higher education to neurodiverse students, our research center, in collaboration with our faculty and students, continues to produce cutting-edge research in the science and pedagogy of learning differences.

We have a variety of ways to work with professionals in our field across the world: coming to our beautiful campus for a Professional Visit Day or in collaboration with the internationally-recognized Landmark College Institute for Research & Training (LCIRT), our on-site research center. Through LCIRT, you can gain professional development through our online certification programs, workshops, and our research and workshop-intensive Summer and Winter Institutes. Please check out the LCIRT blog or sign up to be on our LCIRT email list for updates on our latest research!

Student Ambassador Carolina Mellado speaks in Spanish about the value of Landmark College

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